Beckon® Touchless pull-down kitchen sink faucet

Response® Touchless Technology



Touchless pull-down kitchen sink faucet



With Beckon, classic styling meets state-of-the-art touchless technology.


Simple Hygiene

Maintaining a clean kitchen can often be difficult. Let’s face it, germs are everywhere. Response Touchless technology allows you to control your faucet with the wave of a hand, utensil, or dish so you don’t have to worry about germs spreading to the rest of the kitchen.

The two-function sprayhead lets you switch between stream and Sweep® spray, a wide, forceful blade of water for superior cleaning. KOHLER's DockNetik® docking system secures the pull-down sprayhead to the spout using magnetic force.

The Beckon faucet turns on and off with a wave of your hand, freeing your hands for other tasks and creating a more hygienic kitchen environment.