The perfected curvature of the surface allows the water to run straight. 



The calming movement of water lies at the heart of the BeitouTM faucet. The effortless flow of the design mimics the natural cascade of the water over the length of the spout and into the sink. Seen in this light, the faucet becomes a stage for water delivery whose shape and sound resembles a serene river.



Single-handle bathroom sink faucet


Specs and Details

Single-handle tall bathroom sink faucet


Specs and Details

Single-handle wall-mount bathroom sink faucet


Specs and Details



Motion of Water

The BeitouTM Wall-Mount Showerhead includes three water experiences: Cascade, Rain and Laminar. All three experiences feature a choice of Warm White, Pale Orange or Blue Sky LED lights, which are activated by the movement of water. Trim options allow for additional components, including WaterTileTM body sprays, handshowers and more, while maintaining a coordinated look and feel.


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