The Briolette glass sink displays a uniquely faceted shape inspired by the precisely cut surfaces of precious stone. Gently curved walls highlight the natural textural qualities of glass and create a striking reflective effect. This sink sits on top of the counter as a brilliant addition to your bath or powder room.


Vessel faceted glass bathroom sink


COLOR: 7 colors available.

Material: Glass

Installation: Vessel


  • Generously sized basin with light-reflecting facets.
  • No faucet holes; requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.
  • Fits on a standard-size countertop and works with a range of faucet styles.
  • Allows flexible faucet and accessory installation.


SINK: Briolette 2373-TG7 (TG7 - Translucent Sandalwood)

FAUCET: Margaux 16231-4-AF (AF - Vibrant French Gold)

SINK: Briolette 2373-TG3 (TG3 - Translucent Doe)

FAUCET: PuristT 14414-3-BV (BV - Vibrant Brushed Bronze)

SINK: Briolette 2373-B11 (B11 - Ice)

FAUCET: Purist 14404-4A-SN (SN - Polished Nickel)

Artist Editions

The Glass Studio: Where One-of-a-Kind Sinks Are Handcrafted

Decorative Glass


Artist Editions’ decorative glass sinks are crafted by our own small team of artisans in Kohler, Wisconsin, with a precision that rivals watchmaking.

Glassmakers shape basins that range from smooth and sculptural to intricate and patterned.



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