Explore the mystique of the Silk Road with the Artist Editions Caravan Collection.

Persia:Decorative architecture and Moorish style define the distinctive Persia pattern. Striking open linework contrasts with geometric patterns, giving its finely detailed look. A white background emphasizes the pattern yet is neutral enough to complement different fixture styles. This sink makes a dramatic, artistic statement.

Nepal: Inspired by South Asian decorative traditions, the Nepal pattern makes an artistic statement, drawing on Henna ceremonies and textile techniques to add a distinctive touch. Delicate detailing and gentle shifts in tone and color gracefully reveal intricate patternwork. The Translucent Blue base creates a calming effect while enhancing the tone-on-tone quality.

Persia on Conical Bell

(W 413 D 460 H13 162 mm)


Installation: Vessel

Persia on Caxton

(W 487 D 410 H 208 mm)


Installation: Under-mount

Nepal on Conical Bell

(W 413 D 460 H13 162 mm)

K- 14223-SR1-K7

Installation: Vessel

Material: Vitreous china


SINK: Persia 14223-SR2-0(0 - White)

FAUCET: Margaux 16231-4-SN (SN - Vibrant Polished Nickel)

CABINET: Damask 99519-LG-1WA

Towel ring: Margaux 16254-SN

SINK: Persia 14223-SR2-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Purist 14404-4A-PGD (PGD - Vibrant Moderne Polished Gold)

SINK: Nepal 14223-SR1-K7 (K7 - Translucent Blue)

FAUCET: Purist 14404-4A-CP (CP - Polished Chrome)

Artist Editions

Textured Patterns

Patterns begin with a sketch, which is turned into a meticulously carved plaster mold. With detailed precision, the pattern is hand-applied to each sink before firing.