DTV+ Digital Showering System

DTV+™ is our most advanced showering system. It is a digital thermostatic valve (digital thermostatic valve, DTV) system that controls four elements to give you a true multi-sensory showering experience. Every element of your showering experience is completely customizable to your needs and is controlled by the touch-screen interface. There’s nothing quite like it for the home, and it’s only from Kohler.




DTV+™ works with one or two valves. Each valve gives you six, three or two ports that run different showering components simultaneously.



Add a KOHLER® Amplifier and SoundTile® speakers to introduce music into any showering experience. Amp yourself up for the day or unwind from the daily grind with your favorite playlist.



Add a steam adapter and steam generator to bask in the rejuvenating embrace of a soothing steam experience.




Add lighting elements to control every aspect of the entire room’s ambience. It will set the mood for your very own spa retreat.



Dual temperatures

Installing two valves in your DTV+™ shower allows you to run two different temperatures simultaneously. The experience of the contrasting temperatures cascading across your body is like relaxing in a hot spring atop a snow-swept mountain. There’s nothing else quite like it for a home shower experience.



Design your shower     

Your entire experience is controlled by an intuitive touch-screen interface. At a simple touch, you set an array of showering components into motion. You choose the components that best suit your needs, from the full, rich coverage of a rainhead to the targeted stream of body sprays to the spa-like hydrotherapy of multifunction showerheads.


Spa experience

DTV+™ can take your daily shower ritual to another level with preprogrammed spa experiences. Each one was scripted with actual hydrotherapies in mind and was inspired by one of three themes: Relaxation, Well-Being or Energy. Think of them as a playlist for your shower where the power of water, light, sound and steam can cleanse both body and mind.



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