Made by American craftsmen using stunning pressed-glass construction, the Inia Wading Pool sink creates a soothing focal point in any bathroom or powder room. Its deep, generously sized basin helps minimize splashing, and the glass surface cleans up easily. The subtle hammered texture helps to conceal vanity items and fixtures from view.


Wading pool glass rectangular


COLOR: Available in 7 colors (with clear glass (Ice), Translucent colors, and Opaque colors.) 

Material: Glass

Installation: Vessel


  • Deep rectangular basin in translucent glass with rippled texture.
  • No faucet holes; requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.
  • Glass material provides a strong, durable surface that is easy to clean.


SINK:  Inia 2773-G3-B11 (G3-B11 - Ice with Doel)

FAUCET: Loure14661-4-BN (BN - Vibrant Brushed Nickel)

SINK: Inia 2773-TG6 (TG6 - Translucent Sapphire)

FAUCET: Artifacts 72762-9M-VNT (VNT - Vintage Nickel)

SINK: Inia 2773-G1-B11 (G1-B11 - Opaque Dusk)

FAUCET: Composed 73168-4-CP (CP - Polished Chrome)

Artist Editions

The Glass Studio: Where One-of-a-Kind Sinks Are Handcrafted

Decorative Glass


Artist Editions’ decorative glass sinks are crafted by our own small team of artisans in Kohler, Wisconsin, with a precision that rivals watchmaking.

Glassmakers shape basins that range from smooth and sculptural to intricate and patterned.