Memoirs collections offer a refined elegance for your bath or powder room.



Embodying the collection's sophisticated styling, this Memoirs bathroom sink faucet is outfitted with a classic spout and ergonomic lever handles for easy operation.

Two-handle widespread


COLOR: 5 colors available

Two-handle widespread


COLOR: 3 colors available



FAUCET: Memoirs Stately 454-4V-CP (CP - Polished Chrome)

SINK: Archer2356-8-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Memoirs Stately 454-4V-BV (BV - Vibrant Brushed Bronze)

SINK: Archer 2356-8-0 (0 - White)

Towel Ring: Memoirs Stately 487-BV (BV - Vibrant Brushed Bronze)

FAUCET: Memoirs Stately 454-4V-2BZ (2BZ - Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

SINK: Memoirs Stately 2268-8-47 (47 - Almond)


An elegant, timeless style defines the Memoirs collection with Classic design. Inspired by traditional furniture and architectural elements, this pedestal sink features decorative edges that resemble crown molding with its rich detailing and refined presence.  



Drop-in (Stately)

K- 2337-1 (single faucet hole)

K- 2337-4 (centerset faucet hole)

K- 2337-8 (widespread faucet holes)

Drop-in (Classic)

K- 2241-1 (single faucet hole)

K- 2241-4 (centerset faucet hole)

K- 2241-8 (widespread faucet holes)


K-2238-1 (single faucet hole)

K-2238-4 (centerset faucet hole)

K-2238-8 (widespread faucet holes)

COLOR: 9 colors available

Material: Vitreous china


SINK: Memoirs 2339-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Components 77969-CP & 77974-4-CP (CP - Polished Chrome)

SINK: Memoirs 2337-1-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Margaux 16230-4-BN (BN - Vibrant Brushed Nickel)

TOILET: Memoirs 3817-0 (0 - White)

SINK: Memoirs 2268-8-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Memoirs T428-4V-2BZ (2BZ - Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

TOILET: Memoirs Classic3816-0 (0 - White)


Featuring the elegant architectural look of the Memoirs collection with Classic design, this two-piece toilet combines water-saving flush performance with traditional style. A high-efficiency 4.8L flush offers up to approx. 62,000L of water savings per year, without compromising performance. The elongated bowl is positioned at a convenient height for comfort and ease of use.

Comfort Height®


Two-piece toilet (Seat not included)

(W 452 D772 H 799 mm)

K- 3816

Per flush: 4.8L

Colors: Available in 7 colors

  • Sits at chair height–approximately two inches higher than standard-height toilets
  • Makes standing and sitting easier
  • Many are ADA-compliant when installed per applicable guidelines
  • Comfort Height® is the Kohler term for chair-height toilets


TOILET: Memoirs Classic 3816-0 &

Glenbury elongated toilet seat K-4733-0 (0 - White)

Trip lever: K-9167-2BZ (2BZ - Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

Toilet tissue holder: Memoirs Stately 490-2BZ (2BZ - Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

TOILET: Memoirs Classic 6999-0 &

Glenbury elongated toilet seat K-4733-0 (0 - White)

SINK: Briolette 2373-TG3 (TG3 - Translucent Doe)

FAUCET: Purist T14413-3-BV (BV - Vibrant Brushed Bronze)


















Towel Bars, Towel Rings, Tissue Paper Holders, Robe Hooks are available.


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