Northland™ bar sink

Northland Kitchen Sink 

Set a standard for style with the Northland bar sink. With a sophisticated double-groove rim and convenient size, this prep sink is an ideal addition to your kitchen, bar, or other entertainment space. Quickly toss liquid or ice from glassware, prepare a garnish, or chill wine in this attractive basin. Crafted from enameled cast iron, this sink resists scratching, burning, and staining for years of beauty and reliable performance.

Size: W 381 mm x D 381 mm x H 194 mm

K- 6579-1

Top-mount bar sink (1 faucet hole)

Size: W 635 mm x D 559 mm x H 222 mm

K- 6579-2

Top-mount bar sink (2 faucet holes)

Size: W 305 mm x D 235 mm x H 194 mm

K- 6589-U

Under-mount bar sink


KOHLER® enameled cast iron.


*KOHLER Cast Iron kitchen sinks installed in North America carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns his or her home.​