Bathroom Sink

Veil's flowing and immaculately balanced curves evoke a sculpted simplicity in tune with contemporary style. This Veil sink utilizes innovative Supramic technology to create a thin-edged, modern design without sacrificing durability. Enhanced by a high-gloss finish, the basin's sleek, organic shape is easy to clean.


(W 530 D351 H 203 mm)


Vessel (Wide)

(W 969 D399 H 226 mm)

K- 20705

Vessel (Tall)

(W 406 D406 H 383 mm)


(Can be combined with the K-20702 to create the K-20701 Veil pedestal sink)


(W 406 D406 H 914 mm)


Material: Fireclay with Supramic technology


SINK: Veil 20704-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Composed 73053-4-CP (CP - Polished Chrome)

SINK: Veil 20705-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Composed 73053-4-CP (CP - Polished Chrome)

SINK: Veil 20701-0 (0 - White)

FAUCET: Purist T14414-4-CP (CP - Polished Chrome)

TOILET: Veil 5401J-0 (0 - White)


The Get ready to wonder again

Once in a great while, something comes along that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

It’s easy to take your toilet for granted. But we think toilets play an important role in your bathroom. intelligent toilets feature next-generation technology. So when you are considering creating the perfect bathroom, consider a toilet that can live up to those expectations, with products that are designed to create a relaxing and comfortable toilet experience. So cleansing, so comforting, you’ll wonder how you lived without one.

Intelligent One-Piece Toilet

(W 438 D664 H 533 mm)


Per flush: 3.0L (partial)/ 4.8L (full)


  • Tankless design with direct water supply.
  • Integrated bidet functionality featuring a single bidet wand made.
  • UV light and electrolyzed water systems to sanitize the bidet wand surfaces.
  • Warm air dryer function with adjustable temperature settings
  • Automatic deodorization system.
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature settings.
  • Touchscreen LCD remote control with Personalized Presets.
  • Emergency back-up flush feature for power outages.

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