Waterless Urinals

KOHLER Waterless Urinals provide outstanding performance that integrate a natural ellipse with an architectural feel.

Waterless Urinals

Functional Innovation.
Seamless integration.

KOHLER waterless urinals conserve thousands of gallons of water per fixture per year, and:

  • significantly reduce sewage and maintenance costs
  • provide outstanding performance
  • feature innovative, stylish characteristics that integrate a natural ellipse with an architectural feel

The result is a fresh, sleek design not found in traditional urinals.

Waterless Urinals

Waterless functionality
Can save up to 40,000 gallons of water per fixture per year and significantly reduces sewage and
maintenance costs.

Cartridge-free integral trapway
Enhanced performance with no cartridges to plug or replace.

Optimized interior design
Virtually eliminates splashing.

Touch-free use
Added hygiene for all users; vandal-resistant due to absence of flush valve.

Large, clean footprint
Allows for easy installation without tiling or drainline changes.

Allows for specification in universal access installations.

Waterless Urinals

Functionality & Installation
Liquid waste passes into the fully glazed trapway through the debris-catching strainer.

The unique design of the trapway slows the flow of liquid waste as it passes through the sealing liquid, ensuring that the sealing liquid isn’t washed out of the trapway.

Being less dense than liquid waste, the sealing liquid maintains its position at the top of the trapway, thus providing a barrier to block trapway odors.

Through simple displacement, the liquid waste then makes its way into the waste pipe.

Due to an integral trapway design, most wall-hung retrofit installations require no rough-in changes to the waste pipe.

A universal mounting bracket will fit onto most urinal collars in the industry, allowing the installer to use the existing urinal collar in many cases.

The large, clean footprint of Steward waterless urinals (K-4918) minimizes the need for aesthetic changes (tiling, painting, etc.) in a retrofit installation.

Waterless Urinals

As with any plumbing product, routine maintenance is essential to ensuring its optimal performance and clean
The KOHLER Waterless Urinal Sealing Liquid and KOHLER Waterless Urinal Cleaner are all that’s required for proper maintenance.

  • Daily Maintenance
  • Biweekly Flushout