Karbon® Kitchen Faucets

One Faucet. Infinite Possibilities.

Designed with multiple, moveable joints, Karbon faucets allow you to position and lock water flow exactly where you need it.



Flexible Design and Water Delivery

With five pivoting joints, the Karbon articulating faucet offers total range of motion, putting water exactly where you need it.

Shape Karbon in a classic position, angle it to work deep down in the sink, or extend it up to 18 inches high for filling tall pots and vases. Once you’ve got Karbon in position, it stays there, keeping your hands free and making tasks at the sink easier and more efficient. It even folds neatly into a compact shape when not in use.


Unique Material

Engineered with carbon fiber to enhance its strength and reduce weight, Karbon comes in colors designed to enhance the look and feel of this unique material.

Sprays and Controls

Karbon’s integral spray options include a smooth laminar stream or a forceful spray, and its MasterCleanTM spray face prevents mineral buildup. Its sleekly styled joystick control is easy to clean and maintain.


The Perfect Centerpiece

Add a focal point to your kitchen with the Karbon™ faucet. A sleek hybrid of functionality and contemporary design, the Karbon faucet delivers water exactly where you want it. Its silver tube design features three articulating pivot points for complete range of motion. Plus, the faucet can be positioned in place to keep your hands free during everyday tasks.